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Phase 5 Trident

Phase 5 Trident


The Trident is a skim style design that is trim and fast for big riders 250 pounds plus. It has been a steady agent in the P5 line for years and has earned its legacy stripes. The winged moon tail and triple 2” fins give the Trident a no slip, carve down the line feeling. Throw on some small fin options and loosen things up for more play. This is an easy board to ride as long as you have the weight to balance it. We don’t recommend Trident for any one under 190 lbs. Built with Carbon Fiber, the Trident is super stealth and will last forever. You can give this board to your grandkids when they turn 35.

Model Size Specs. Volume Ht. Range Wt. Limit
Trident 59"×22"×.75" 12 Liters 5’8″-6’8″ 250 Lbs.

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