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Phase 5 Matrix

Phase 5 Matrix


Matrix is kin to the Zap Skimboard M5. Wake surfing has a lot in common with skimboarding. The Matrix design outline was refined on skim beaches around the world. Then we took our knowledge of wake surfing, and made some subtle shape adjustments in the bottom contours. The result is the Matrix which performs like no other wake surf design. Matrix has a couple unique features. It sports a thinner 5/8” core and single to double concave bottom with the V-Spline tail. It’s also glassed super light using GatorSkin™ technology. The result is a very responsive, trick friendly platform to work the wave on. Notice the smooth curves. The soft, full outline profile with rounded pintail and nose add to the Matrix advantage. Expect smooth transitions and a flowing ride. Comes with a 1” fin.

Enter the Matrix.

Model Size Specs. Volume Ht. Range Wt. Limit
48 48"×20"×.625" 7 Liters 4’8″-5’7″ 135 Lbs.
53 53"×20.5"×.625" 8 Liters 5’3″-6’1″ 190 Lbs.

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