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Phase 5 Diamond Luv

Phase 5 Diamond Luv


The Diamond Luv has become a staple in the P5 line. With the increase in smaller riders who shred, we figured it was time they have their own high-end option. Luv is the scaled down version of the Danielo Diamond and a huge success with the lady riders.

Luv sports all the features of the original Diamond and excels in technical riding. It has been the prime choice for riders like Jodi Grassman and Stacia Bank. We build it with super stiff Carbon Fiber, a sprinkle of holographic glimmer, tons of affection and a 1” fin. This is TOUGH LUV.

Model Size Specs. Volume Ht. Range Wt. Limit
48 48"×20"×.75" 9 Liters 4’8″-5’7″ 135 Lbs.
51 51"×20.5"×.75" 10 Liters 5’1″-5’11″ 165 Lbs.

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