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Phase 5 Diamond

Phase 5 Diamond

$800.00 $999.99

The Diamond is a timeless shape and has helped riders push their limits for the past 4 years. Drew Danielo did his homework on this shape. The Diamond’s outline has a traditional skim nose that transitions into a wide full tail with extra planing surface. When you combine that with P5’s speedy rocker line it equals more speed. More speed=bigger airs!! You can ride this board off the tail using your back foot. The ¾” core wrapped in super stiff carbon fiber produces tons of pop off the lip. This is why it was Drew’s go to board for the last 4 years. New for 2016, we have shaved the large version down a bit for better performance.

The diamond is no longer just a girls best friend, It’s every wakesurfers best friend.

Model Size Specs. Volume Ht. Range Wt. Limit
48 48"×20"×.75" 9 Liters 4’8″-5’7″ 135 Lbs.
51 51"×20.25"×.75" 10 Liters 5’1″-5’11″ 165 Lbs.
54 54"×20.5"×.75" 10.6 Liters 5’4″-6’2″ 195 Lbs.
57 57"×20.75"×.75" 11 Liters 5’8″-6’5″ 220 Lbs.

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