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North Water Tec Throw Bag LG - Spectrx

North Water Tec Throw Bag LG - Spectrx

$129.95 $149.95

High tenacity 420 pack cloth makes it durable enough you will be able to replace the rope and keep the bag well into the future. This aerodynamic shape throws like a dream.

As its floatation is sewn around its girth the bag is pliable in its entirety and remarkably easy to stuff. Its flexible nature allows fitting into odd-shaped places until you need it.


    • 60' x 3/8" floating Spectrx (High Tensile Rope Replacement for Spectra rope)
    • Teardrop shape makes for an efficient throw.
    • Reflective tape increases visibility in low light conditions and night use.
    • 3/8" (9.50 mm) 4,750 lbs. break strength, elongation 2.5% at 300 lbs.
      Weight: 2.74 lbs/100 ft